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Talking with Angels

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Talking with Angels
  Gitta's notebooks
  Lili's notebooks
  from Budaliget to Budapest
Hanna Dallos
Joseph Kreutzer

Gitta Mallasz
Lili Strausz

the witnesses




  Gitta's notebooks

In the film Gitta Mallasz, ou le scribe des anges (Gitta Mallasz, the angels’ scribe) Gitta shows to Michel Cazenave the black notebooks that she took with her when she fled to France in 1960:

Michel Cazenave: How many books?

Gitta Mallasz: Oh, I keep a dozen in a small case.

MC: On the cover you have a circle, on others there is a triangle ...

GM: That one is Lili’s, that one's mine - my sign is the sun. This is my second book. Like kids ... This is Lili’s second book, Lili's third book, this is my fourth book, because the yellow circle is the sign of the sun.

MC: What is written in here, is it the exact transcript?

G.M: The transcript of  what we heard. One time Lili was making notes of my dialogue, another time I was noting down Lili’s, so that the one talking with her angel was not distracted by the transcription. Later on, we have tidied up the format a little, underlined with blue what the angel said and with red what the person said. These 50 years old notebooks are the basis of all the books - twenty books - which I am not the author of, but the scribe.

These notebooks should all have been destroyed, but Bernard Montaud whom Gitta had nominated as her sole legatee, did not completely follow the instructions she had given him shortly before her death. He kept one as a proof, the first, which contains dialogues 11 to 19 with Lili, copied out by Gitta.

Cahier Gitta LI
Dialogues with Lili, notebook I. The inverted triangle is Lili's sign. (Talking with angels, p. 90).

Entretien 11 avec Lili
Excerpt from dialogue 11 with Lili  (Gitta Mallasz notebook : Lili I)

Complete copy of Gitta's notebook : dialogues with Lili I
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(Courtesy of Bernard Montaud)

Table of contents:

Correspondance with the english edition
Excerpts from dialogues 3, 4, 5, 7, 8, 9 with Lili
Friday, 3 September, 1943 Dialogue 11 with Lili (67)
5-9 Friday, 10 September, 1943 Dialogue 12 with Lili (73)
10-16 Friday, 17 September, 1943 Dialogue 13 with Lili (79)
17-26 Friday, 24 September, 1943 Dialogue 14 with Lili (89)
27-36 Friday, 1 October, 1943 Dialogue 15 with Lili (99)
37-43 Friday, 8 October, 1943 Dialogue 16 with Lili (107)
44-51 Friday, 15 October, 1943 Dialogue 17 with Lili (114)
52-61 Friday, 22 October, 1943 Dialogue 18 with Lili (121)
62-70 Friday, 29 October, 1943 Dialogue 19 with Lili (130)
The archangels

Gitta had also hand-copied the last three teachings on sheets of peel paper. The text is arranged on two or three columns and illustrated with diagrams:


Manuscripts of the 86, 87 and 88 interviews
The link above gives access to a slide show