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Talking with Angels

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Talking with Angels
  Gitta's notebooks
  Lili's notebooks
  from Budaliget to Budapest
Hanna Dallos
Joseph Kreutzer
Gitta Mallasz
Lili Strausz
the witnesses





The talks with Morgen were a series of messages transmitted by Hanna in German from December 1943 to February 1944. They were intended for a childhood friend of Gitta’s who had enlisted in the SS. The angel who spoke to him revealed his name as MORGEN. As an adverb, morgen means “tomorrow” and as a name, Morgen means “morning”. The story of these dialogues is told by Patrice Van Eersel (SB, Annex 1).

The original German version appears in the German edition of the Dialogues (AE) as well as in the Hungarian editions.

According to Gitta, “Hanna wasn’t completely fluent in German”, which was probably a rather harsh judgment from an Austro-Hungarian whose mother tongue was German. Hanna was in fact able to pursue her artistic studies in Munich because her German language skills allowed her to do so. However, as Gitta pointed out later on, her vocabulary was insufficient to understand this poetic language: “Hanna does not understand all the words, and I translate them into Hungarian for her” (Translated quotations from AE).

Another message in German

Talking with angels contains a short message transmitted by Hanna in German during the talk which took place on 21 July 1944 (TA page 377) :

Im Anfang war das Wort : DEIN.
Es war bei Gott – es ist bei uns.
Kein Wunsch ist mehr.

ER hat – ER GIBT. ER – wir.

In the beginning was the Word: THINE.
It was with God – it is with us.
No more wish
Ő has – Ő gives. Ő – we.

This passage echoes Morgen’s very last verses:

Ewiges Sein ist Geben.
Im Anfang war das “DEIN”.
Kehre heim !

Eternal Being is Gift.
In the beginning was “”THINE”
Come home!

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Translated by Treharne Translations