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Talking with Angels

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Talking with Angels
Hanna Dallos
Joseph Kreutzer
Gitta Mallasz

Lili Strausz
the witnesses
  Eva Dános
  Agnès Péter
  Erzsébet Rusznyak
  Other witnesses



  Agnès Péter

“I say without any hesitation: the time I spent in Katalin with Hanna, Lili and Gitta, was the happiest time of my life.” (SB, Chap. V/7)

Agnès (Agi) Péter (1918-2002), gave a long account of her encounter with the “Great Trio” and of life in Katalin in La Source Blanche (The White Spring) (SB, Chap. V/6 and 7).

 Agnès Péter
Agnès Péter in front of Katalin in 1995                    (Photo Panos Vyras)

She attended Dialogue N° 85 on 3 November 1944 with her companions of the “little trio”:
“Gitta is getting ready to write everything down in her school notebooks with black covers.
There is a tense silence...
Suddenly I feel a field of energy that completely overwhelms me, that fills me and lifts me up. Hanna is voicing the angel's words... Her language is flowing naturally... She is more focused than ever... and her face is radiant...
I am aware that I am the recipient of a gift beyond words, for which I will be responsible until the end of my life.” (SB, Chap. V/6)

“Before this Dialogue, I was still a bit torn between a deep and sincere desire to believe and a doubt about the way this teaching was being conveyed. But from the very first words, I started to resonate with its rhythm and its melody; it awakened me to another life, a profoundly different one. Once you have experienced this luminous intensity you know absolutely that you have seen the living truth and that every word spoken there is filled with this living truth. Even with convincing arguments, no one can ever shake my absolute certainty.”

Agnès had been given notes from Hanna with verses from Morgen's messages. These texts aroused in her a thirst for more, so Hanna took the time to explain in more details:
“Once, after work, she sat with us on the grass and explained the writings - especially the teaching’s structure: the unity of man with the universe.”

Here are the notes that Agi took of Hanna's explanations:
Agi's notes in original Hungarian taken during her stay in Katalin

French translation

Source : (SB) Patrice Van Eersel, La source blanche. L'étonnante histoire des Dialogues avec l'Ange, Grasset, Paris, 1996 and Livre de poche

Translated by Treharne Translations