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Talking with Angels

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Talking with Angels
Hanna Dallos
Joseph Kreutzer
Gitta Mallasz

Lili Strausz
the witnesses
  Eva Dános
  Agnčs Péter
  Erzsébet Rusznyak
  Other witnesses



  Erzsébet Rusznyak


Erzsébet Rusznyak was born in Budapest on 26 December 1902, the daughter of Pál Ranschburg, a well-known neurologist, psychologist and pioneer of experimental educational methods in Hungary.
She was married to Endre Rusznyák who was an engineer.
She took refuge in Katalin with her two children, a daughter born in 1931 and a son, Andreas, born in 1936. She attended Dialogue N° 85 on 3 November 1944. She left the war factory after the Arrow Crosses attempted raid on 5 November 1944 (on this subject, read the testimony of Andreas Rusznyak). She and her family escaped deportation.
After the war and until 1957, she worked as a graphic designer with Gitta Mallasz, Agnes Péter and Adrienne Frankovszky in the latter's workshop which Gitta had taken over in 1945.

According to Eva Dános (letter of 26-11-1994 to PanosVyras) and Agnes Péter, she too received messages after the war.

She died on 9 August 1986.

Budapest 1950
Gitta Mallasz's workshop at 4 Batthyány Street in 1950
From right to left: Erzsébet Rusznyak, Gitta Mallasz, Agnčs Péter
The fourth woman on the left has not been identified.
(Photo : Andreas Rusznyak)


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