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Talking with Angels

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Talking with Angels
Hanna Dallos
  Hanna Dallos’ artworks
Joseph Kreutzer
Gitta Mallasz
Lili Strausz
the witnesses




  Hanna Dallos’ artworks

Wood Engravings 

Autoportrait Hanna Dallos Self-portrait, 1930 (signed HD)
Hanna Dallos - Solitude urbaine Ode to life threatened by industrial civilisation (undated, signed HD). This engraving could illustrate this extract from Talking with Angels:
Nausea at the too much causes matter to explode.
Let the more come!
(TA 63)
Hanna Dallos "May this book awaken its reader to eternal renewal!" (unsigned) Museum of applied arts - Budapest
The topic of eternal renewal is present in Talking with Angels:
Destruction all about you -
but in you, there is eternal renewal,
purification, giving of oneself, wedding.
(TA 85)
Unlike the others, this engraving is not signed HD.
It evokes these lines from Talking with angels:

Thanks be given to the infinite wisdom of the Divine
that the small CHILD smilingly crosses over the abyss,
for truly what was concealed from the wise
has now been revealed to you
little children that you are. (TA 19G)

The new Child is Divine.
Its body is glorified Matter, transparent, subtle.
Its soul is a growing, fruitbearing Ray. (TA 73)
Jesus Jesus (unsigned) (Courtesy of Maria Nyeki, to whom the engraving was given  by Pierre Székely)

In 1933, Budapest University Press published under the title Mi atyánk (Our Father) 10 woodcuts illustrating Gospel scenes. These engravings were reprinted in 1990 to illustrate István Nemeskürty’s book Magyar Biblia-fordítások - Hunyadi JánoskorátólPéterszázadáig (Hungarian Bible Translations from the Time of János Hunyadi to the Century of Péter Pázmány), published by Szépirodalmi Könyvkiadó.  

Mi atyánk (Notre pčre)
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"This is my body.
This is my blood!"

Ordination memorabilia
"He has sent me to proclaim good news to the poor and to heal the brokenhearted!"
Ordination memorabilia
These two engravings were made in 1942 at the request of the Jesuit Father Géza Izay for his ordination (Courtesy of Maria Nyeki who inherited them from Father Izay).

Greeting cards from Hanna and Joseph's graphic arts studio, in which Hanna amusingly depicts herself alone or with her husband.
Museum of applied arts - Budapest

Carte de voeux Hanna Dallos 1932
I wish you a happy new year. May it make us all happy!
Poor kid: Taxes - Trianon - Economic crisis - Unemployment
Carte de voeux Hanna Dallos 1934 "We will survive even on top of the ice!" 1934 can begin! Carte de voeux Hanna Dallos et Joseph Kreutzer With our best wishes for a happy new year

Hanna dallos - Szent Imre Series of 7 woodcuts depicting the life of Saint Emeric (Szent Imre), published by Budapest University Press 1930 (Signed HD)
Almanach illustré par Hanna Dallos Diarium az 1931 - ik esztendőre (Almanac of the Year 1931), published by Budapest University Press. Hanna illustrated the front cover and the inside pages (woodcut prints) 
Örök színház Illustrations for the book Örök színház (Eternal Theatre) by Ifj. HorváthIstván, 1942. It contains approximately 40 illustrations, both scenes and drop cap woodcuts.

Cover engraving: Exegi monumentum“aereperennius (“I have created a monument more durable than bronze, Ode III 30’s first verse, Odes. The poet, completing the collection of his first three books, promises immortality to his work).
Ex-libris Dallos Clinicae Ophtalmologicae Various engravings. Click on the image to browse the album

Other personal works

Gitta par Hanna
Caricature of Gitta Mallasz (courtesy of Bernard et Patricia Montaud)
Illustré par Hanna dallos
A Löbl-nyomda hatvan éve (A. Löbl Printing House 60th anniversary), 1936, Hanna Dallos illustrated the following images - this illustrated drop cap, this line drawing (also published in Le livre hongrois, Paris, 1937), and this drawing of the Löbl building.

Production in the Mallasz-Dallos Workshop

The workshop was established in 1928 by Hanna Dallos and her husband in Buda, on Ilonka Szabo Street (today Ilona Street), under the Fishermen’s Bastion. They worked in advertising and promoted tourism in Hungary, they designed greeting cards and posters, illustrated books, designed fabrics... It was around 1934 that Gitta Mallasz joined her friends. Thanks to the cover she provided, the workshop was able to continue its activity until 1942.

Most of what came out of the workshop bore the signature “
Mallasz Dallos” or more rarely “Dallos Mallasz”. Few works are signed “Dallos” or “Mallasz”. It is therefore difficult to know by whom these works were made. One can only rely on comparisons with works that can be attributed with certainty to one or the other. But it cannot be ruled out that the two friends collaborated on some of them either.

Tourism promotion  

Promotion touristique Hongrie
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Greeting Cards

Cartes de voeux Dallos Mallasz
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The first 9 cards of the album were printed and distributed by Istvan Kanitz (1895-1953), a printer in Budapest, who frequented Hanna and Joseph’s workshop with Peter and Vera Szekely. Only three of them were signed Mallasz Dallos, but it is very likely that the other six also came from the workshop.

These cards, under copyright “Kanitz C. ésfia” (Kanitz and son), Budapest, were kindly provided by Kathleen Kelley-Lainé and Peter Kelley, daughter and son of Istvan Kanitz. They may not be reproduced without their permission.


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You can see other posters designed by Hanna Dallos and Gitta Mallasz in the 1930s in an article published in 2013 in Artmagazin : Szép vagy, gyönyörű vagy Magyarország (“Hungary, you are beautiful, you are splendid!”) - title of a very popular song from the 1920s.

Translated by Treharne Translations